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Announcement: Mixed Model Workshops Hosted by Toyota

We are please to announce that Leonardo Group Americas will be presenting three live workshops in 2022, hosted at Toyota’s award-winning fork truck factory in Columbus, Indiana, USA. Click on the images below to find out more about each one, and to register. Participation is limited to only 20 people per event.

Mixed Model Material Flow, July 26-28

The STREAM Program Big Outcome

You know how the number of products you build keeps growing but you’re frustrated that you have to manage and build the old ones?  Your concern has been slowly building, watching productivity decline as workers spend more time moving, acquiring parts, waiting, and setting up. You are out of storage space as new parts proliferate with no place to put them. Worst of all, your boss is pressuring you about negative customer feedback on late deliveries, workmanship errors, and a growing backlog of orders. You have already lost some customers, and your market share has been declining.

Imagine instead the relief that new products can be integrated smoothly into the production flow. You can proudly point to productivity statistics, as workers do Standard Work and overcome imbalances by moving to where the work needs to be done. Your concerns about quality are minimized as workmanship is checked at every step and workers have ownership over their own quality. The pressure of space constraints has been reduced by tightly linking and balancing the workflow, so that you can grow within your existing plant. And imagine the huge relief of being able to closely manage capacity and throughput, so that your order backlog is controlled and you are meeting your daily production plans. Best of all, your boss is smiling and your improvement efforts are leading to increased sales and market share.

We make that happen.

A data-driven line design methodology so that new products can be introduced smoothly and a high-mix environment can be managed daily.

A high-performing Mixed Model Flow Line so that lead-time is minimized and all production processes are physically linked.

The introduction of advanced methods like heijunka, check-do-check, flexing and Lean production planning so that productivity and quality skyrocket and daily production plan accomplishment approaches 100%.

A detailed implementation framework and roadmap so that physical deployment goes smoothly and on schedule.

The satisfaction that you’re working on something meaningful and that you’re able to create a culture of continuous improvement so that the company continues to provide good jobs for its employees and grow in the future.

What is Lean Design?

Lean Design is a series of steps that you can follow in order to improve a physical space. That physical space could be a factory or a hospital. It goes without saying that the goals and therefore the steps for these spaces are different; however, the underlying philosophy is the same:

Eliminate Waste

Improve Quality

Continuously Improve

At Leonardo Group Americas, our Lean Design methodology is based on the scientific method and rooted in Lean Industrial Engineering. The steps have been proven over many successful implementations world-wide, over many decades.

Staff development is also a critical aspect of the Lean Design process, as only an engaged staff can propel your Lean efforts towards perfection. Without an engaged staff, improvements will not be sustained. Let’s be clear: our goal is not to make you consulting junkies! We offer a wide variety of training options so that you can master the Lean Design methodology for yourself

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