Advanced Lean Training: Ask Me Anything

So you spent all of this time and money designing your production line. You took it live. And it is not meeting expectations. What do you do now?


In this webinar we tried to answer your advanced line design questions. The webinar was broken into two parts:

First, dedicated time to aspects of Lean design that you can’t find in the textbooks. Gerard and Richard had a few subjects to cover, including:

  1. Why batching is better (sometimes).
  2. How to stress the Value Stream (without killing it).
  3. Why adding inventory can be the best (and cheapest) improvement.

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, we spent the rest of the webinar answering your questions. Ask Us Anything about Mixed Model Manufacturing. It doesn’t matter which stage of the line design process our clients were at, they brought their questions to the webinar and we did our best to answer them live.

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