Orange Regional


Following the steps of our Lean Hospital Roadmap, one of the largest hospitals in New York was able to cut Nursing Unit admission times by 66% and create a self-sustaining Lean environment.

ORMC is the flagship hospital of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System, a non-teaching, non-profit hospital with 606 licensed beds. Prior to moving into their new location, they faced performance challenges, admission times were long, staff satisfaction needed improvement, and many forms of waste could easily be identified.

The Challenge

The Leadership at ORMC, starting with the CEO, realized that Lean principles and tools were the surest way to face all these challenges at once. The magnitude of the task at hand was magnified with the addition of moving two hospitals into one state-of-the-art new facility.

Leonardo Solution

In a few words: The Lean Hospital Roadmap. This is Leonardo’s detailed approach to implementing a Lean culture in a hospital environment.

Following Leonardo Group America’s Lean Hospital Roadmap, all Leadership members received five days of intensive training. The entire C-Suite participated in the first three workshops. The most critical value streams were mapped and internal and external resources conducted many projects with great tangible results. In just the first project, admission times to Nursing Units were cut by 2/3. The Lean journey at ORMC is now self-sustaining