How to Assess Your Material System (Fast)

What if your bank managed your money like some companies manage materials? “The cash you just deposited? We’ll stage it in the mailroom and put it away later. It would be inefficient to run around putting the cash away too often. I’m sure you understand.” You would never put up with something like that at your bank, so why put up with it in a plant? The work involved in acquiring, receiving, storing, and delivering materials to line side are often the most overlooked and underappreciated processes in a factory. And yet, they can also be the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to Lean improvements. These are potential improvements that result in real hard-dollar benefits. In this webinar I’ll explain how to evaluate your material delivery system accurately and quickly, and provide you with the audit forms. You’ll be able to apply this training immediately, and make it a part of your Lean toolkit.

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