[Part 10] Three Options for Moving Forward

If the previous nine Parts of this series have sparked your interest in the subject of Mixed Model Manufacturing, then it’s appropriate to review some of the ways for you to advance your knowledge. In this short video we’ll review some of the choices available to you.


Choice 1 is to study Mixed Model Line Design in a book. We have one: The Complete Guide to Mixed Model Line Design, available from Amazon.com.


Choice 2 is to learn Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Management in an online course. You can go to leandesigninstitute.com to find out more about these courses, which are available right now and can be taken from anywhere at any time.


Choice 3 is a live Mixed Model workshop, which I wanted to spend a bit more time on because there are several advantages of investing in a live workshop.

Our next live workshop is hosted by Toyota Material Handling, which is one of the premier Mixed Model environments in North America. This is the factory where Toyota makes their fork trucks. We like to lead workshops there because it is an excellent example of a mixing environment where just about every product coming down the line could have some kind of customization. Toyota been the number one fork truck manufacturer in North America for over a decade, and with this workshop you will go on two plant tours and also have a Q&A session with Toyota managers.

Another advantage of a live workshop is that you can ask specific questions relating to your own processes. And you can interact with fellow students. Our workshops attract experienced professionals from a variety of industries, and it’s a great opportunity to connect.

You’ll also get to practice the method in a simulation environment. Through a series of hands-on exercises, you and your team members will design a production line using the Mixed Model methodology. These are skills you can bring back to your company, along with some complimentary software tools.

Our next Toyota workshop will be held on August 15-17. I will be one of the instructors, and I’ll see if I can convince my co-author, Gerard Leone, to join me. Click on the link below to find a full course schedule, and to register. There is an “Early Bird” discount $300 per student that is good through July 15, so if you want to attend, be sure to sign up soon, and you can save a little money.

I should mention one more thing before letting you go. The Toyota facility is really great, but they do limit the seats to 32. We’re already halfway full for this upcoming workshop in August and it is our last Mixed Model Line Design workshop of 2017. So again, if you want to attend, make sure to sign up sooner rather than later.

I think that about wraps it up. Thank you for watching this series. We’ll continue to publish these videos, and sign up for our YouTube channel or go to our blog at leonardogroupamericas.com to access the complete collection.

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