Self-Balancing Line Podcast

In this podcast Leonardo Group principal Richard Rahn talks to the author of the book The Basics of Self-Balancing Processes: True Lean Continuous Flow, Gordon Ghirann. We discuss the “traditional” level-loading approach to line balancing, how the self-balancing approach works, what the advantages are for both the operators and the company, and why this method has not been more widely accepted.

Designing production lines and cells that are “self-balancing” opens the door to a long list of of advantages. First, the line is truly self-balancing, and the normal inefficiencies of waiting are almost completely eliminated. Second, the operators on the line can work more effectively as a team, and communicate with each other in managing the work flow. Third, standard work is naturally enforced, since operators are required to do work the same way. Finally, companies can expect a minimum 30% productivity jump, compared to traditional production methods. Sometimes much more.

Recording: Richard Rahn Interviews Gordon Ghirann, author of The Basics of Self-Balancing Procuesses: True Lean Continuous Flow

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