Working in the New Normal 2: Remote Support

In this video we share with you some of the basic necessities to deliver remote support in a professional manner. It’s likely that remote support or distributed work will become more mainstream than it has been in the past.

If you want to hear more about distributed work, we recommend you listening to Matt Mullenweg in conversation with Sam Harris, where he discusses the five levels of distributed work. Spoiler alert: You need to get to level 2 soon.

In case you wonder what we use, here is a list:

  •     Microphone: Audio-Tecnica AT2020
  •     Richard’s Camera: Logitech C920
  •     Richard’s headset: MPOW PA071
  •     Gerard’s headset: Xiberia V20
  •     Gerard’s Lights: LED desklamp and a Verilux mood lamp
  •     Studio lights: LED studio lights (various brands)

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  • Supporting Line Designs remotely.
  • What is “Certification”?
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  • What will Demand look like in the New Normal?
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  • The New Normal for the Supply Chain.
  • Flexible Lines/Production as the New Normal.
  • Simulation Modeling as a requirement in the New Normal.
  • Any other ideas? Suggest them below….

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