Working in the New Normal 6: Demand In The New Normal

The level of sales or “demand” that your company had before the Time of the Coronavirus is almost certainly going to be different from the demand that you will have after. In some cases you may have pent-up need for what you do, and you could find yourself with a flood of business. Example: elective surgeries, where your knee still hurts. In many other cases demand will be down or take some time to recover.

The issue is this: unless you do things right, you could be operating much less efficiently than before. If you are a manufacturer your production lines were probably designed for a different volume. Running them at significantly different volumes will introduce a host of inefficiencies. But…there are things you can do now to avoid this, or at least to be better prepared. That’s the subject of this video.

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  1. Tony Heath

    I really like the way you think. It never occurred to me that Toyota doesn’t Kaizen it’s way to excellence but redesigns the line first. Of course, it does. Clearly, in the New Normal healthcare will need to redesign itself from the ground up. Maybe the USA will actually do this.

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