Working in the New Normal 7: Modeling

You may have noticed that computer models are being used for a lot of things these days, including modeling the progress of the coronavirus pandemic. We use models to track hurricanes, to predict climate change trends, and a huge number of other applications. What about Value Stream design and Lean Manufacturing? Would you build a car or plane without testing it first in a modeling environment? If not, why should you do that for Lean process improvements? Remember that the worst time to “Kaizen” a process is when it has already been implemented. Another name for that type of improvement is “rework”! In this video Lean Coach Richard Rahn discusses the use of modeling as we approach the New Normal post-coronavirus world.

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  1. Tony Heath

    Fascinating. I have seen modeling used but have not done it myself.

  2. Barry Dallum

    Process modeling has been used for decades in the continuous process industries. However I have only used it since 2003 in batch process industries to test process redesigns or to design new processes, to look at flow rates, line balancing, queueing, TIMWOOD, etc….

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