Working In The New Normal: 1 Welcome

Welcome to the first video in our series about Working in the New Normal. We are not presuming to know what the “New Normal” is going to be, but we are certainly as concerned as you are about the future. In this video series, we are going to discuss, in short five-minute sessions, what that New Normal may look like and what we can do to survive and thrive in it.

Upcoming Videos

  • How to get to the top 5% in your profession.
  • Supporting Line Designs remotely.
  • What is “Certification”?
  • What is the New Normal?
  • What will Demand look like in the New Normal?
  • How to Design a line to respond to Demand in the New Normal?
  • Remote Support Tools and technology.
  • The New Normal for the Supply Chain.
  • Flexible Lines/Production as the New Normal.
  • Simulation Modeling as a requirement in the New Normal.
  • Any other ideas? Suggest them below….

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  1. Rajkumar Yadav

    Very nice thoughts and Topics
    “New Normal “

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